Why Join SCVG as a Veterinarian?

Above all else, we foster an environment that allows you to practice your passion and achieve the highest degree of career satisfaction. As a veterinarian, you want access to comprehensive support resources, big-corporation benefits, and the newest animal-care advances; but you also want an environment that supports attentive care, offers flexible scheduling, encourages collaboration, and values doctors as the heart of a veterinary hospital.

At Southern California Veterinary Group, our revolutionary group model does just this by combining corporate resources with the culture of a neighborhood clinic. Read on to learn why it’s helping vets thrive.

Corporate Resources


Boost Professional Development by Working Alongside Veterinary’s Best

Confer with veterinary specialists, learn from respected veterans, or guide today’s most talented graduates; whatever your goal, at SCVG hospitals, you work alongside field-leading doctors. Other developmental benefits? Solid doctor training and access to our proprietary library of educational materials and productivity-boosting tools.

Be a Vet, We’ll Do the Rest

To get the benefits of a neighborhood clinic, doctors are often saddled with administrative business. But SCVG veterinary hospitals have access to seasoned (and professionally freeing) administrative support. This allows you to focus exclusively on caring for animals—giving you more time for skill building, collaborating with peers, keeping current with research, and enjoying life outside of work.

Flourish in a Friendly, Relaxed Setting—With Endless Growth Potential

Corporate-level resources and opportunity mean you don’t have to leave SCVG’s familial atmosphere to seriously grow your career. We understand that our doctors drive our hospitals. Management supports our doctors and provides them with the tools and resources they need to be successful in the long-term and to provide exceptional care for our patients.

Enjoy Corporate Perks, Minus the Corporate Personality

Our veterinarians receive a professional package on par with any big-chain practice. At SCVG, you enjoy 401(k) plans, flexible vacation time, excellent medical benefits, and continuing-education incentives—all delivered within the doctor-first culture of an independent clinic.

Provide Visionary Care With the Most Advanced Technology in Veterinary Medicine

State-of-the-art hospitals maintained to the highest standards of excellence, leading-edge veterinary equipment and technology, and liberal allocation of support resources help you provide care that’s best in class.

Neighborhood Clinics

Prosper With Our Doctor-Driven Philosophy

We understand vets, because we are vets—which means we get the emotional stress of caring for pets. We also understand that doctors drive revenue, client retention, and compliance (80% of revenue at hospitals is generated by doctors!). And when you enjoy what you do, it shines through. Our solution? We’ve achieved success by focusing on the happiness of our vets.

Practice Your Passion

A neighborhood culture means we’re not about regulations, quotas, and conveyor-belt care. In contrast, we encourage vets to practice medicine with passion: to take the time for the thoughtful care and personal attention necessary to develop lasting patient and pet-owner connections.

Find Fulfillment Through Work-Life Balance & Successful Self-Management

Looking to work part time but still carry a significant patient load? Want extra hours to master skills more quickly? Interested in working at multiple clinics to take advantage of hours on evenings and weekends? At SCVG, we allow you to create a schedule that fits your personal, professional, family, and financial needs. We also facilitate fulfillment by trading micromanagement and impersonal corporate policies for a culture that encourages—and helps you learn—self-management.

Build Knowledge & Camaraderie With Direct Access to Veterans & Specialists

We don’t just employ some of the best in the business; we encourage you to collaborate, share knowledge, and consult daily with other experts and specialists throughout our network. This open, collaborative culture accelerates veterinarian development and increases the level of care, while promoting supportive connections and a feeling of team unity.

Be Recognized for Your Diverse Ideas

Unlike corporate chains, we’re not married to a single set of thoughts and processes. Rather, we welcome unique experiences, skills, ideas, opinions, and interests as useful tools in providing the highest-quality care. We know great ideas can come from anyone, anywhere, so we encourage our entire team to share.

Greater Hands-On Experience

SCVG’s tightknit environment offers doctors the opportunity to participate in the entire spectrum of everyday and unique cases. This enables new doctors to gain rare first-hand insight into challenging or complicated cases and treatments using innovations.