Your Most Frequently Asked Questions; Our Simple, Transparent Answers

If you’re considering a career move, you’ll want to get all your questions answered. And part of our unique doctor-focused reputation rests on providing you with clear, candid information.

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Hiring & Career Advancement

How much experience do most SCVG veterinarians have?

Our vets are passionate, compassionate, driven, and talented—and boast extremely diverse backgrounds. This includes 30-plus-year veterans who have owned their practice to the brightest new graduates. At SCVG, diversity is a core value; as such, we appreciate the range of experience and ideas that comes from a varied team.

What are the opportunities for veterinarians to advance within SCVG?

As part of our doctor-first philosophy, we support advancement from both a medical and managerial perspective:

  • Medical advancement—We provide additional training in specific diagnostics, such as ultrasound, dental surgery, and soft-tissue surgery. This enables doctors to offer more advanced diagnostics and management of cases, resulting in higher production and compensation.
  • Managerial advancement—For interested vets, we provide training in managerial aspects of the hospital such as medical directorship, or focal aspects of hospital management that correlates with your interests. This builds skill in managing operations, support staff and fellow doctors, as well as influencing the direction and culture of the clinic, which again, inflates compensation.

Compensation, Perks & Benefits

What kind of compensation does SCVG offer veterinarians?

Our success hinges on putting doctors first, which includes compensating veterinarians fairly so you can focus on doing great work. All our doctors earn a significant amount per year based on our generous pro-sal model. In fact, at every level of experience, we pay at or above industry standard. Doctors at SCVG are compensated on a higher than industry average pro-sal model. Our doctors average between $100,000-$160,000 per year based on their performance.*

On top of generous base compensation, performance is rewarded! We utilize a system of regular evaluations designed to yield bonuses and raises. With SCVG support, second-year vets increase production—without exception. In short, compensation is based on production; we nurture your skills and address your needs to ensure you succeed.

What kind of benefits does SCVG offer veterinarians?

From medical, dental and vision to paid vacation (PTO), 401(k), and professional association membership, we are pleased to be able to offer a generous benefits package to our valued doctors:

  • Health insurance flexibility—Your choice of a stipend or coverage through our Kaiser Permanente group plan.
  • Above-average paid time off—Three weeks’ vacation plus three additional days off for CE, increasing to 3 1/2 weeks’ vacation after year two with the group.
  • 401(k) contribution—Percentage match for every dollar you contribute to your 401(k).
  • Licensing and professional membership fees—Paid CA/DEA licensing as well as paid membership to one veterinary association (e.g., SCVMA, CVMA).
  • Equipment and supply budgets—Individual budget for purchasing your choice of supplies and equipment for use at the clinic (not deducted from salary or production bonuses).

Hours & Scheduling

How does SCVG set veterinarian schedules, and are they flexible?

A commitment to veterinarian happiness means a commitment to work-life balance. So, we are as flexible as possible when it comes to scheduling doctors:

  • Doctor scheduling is based on:
    • Hospital needs
    • Group needs
    • Your needs as a professional
    • Your needs outside of work
  • Doctor schedules are generally determined on an annual basis; schedules are the same each week unless a vet requests a shift change, or the hospital requires a change based on the needs of patients.
  • Doctors are usually on a 4-day/10-hour shift schedule unless otherwise requested. While days and hours are set, appointment and surgery schedules are flexible.
  • Doctors generally need to work one weekend day (although we do our best to meet alternate needs).
  • Doctors have the option of working more than 40 hours a week to meet financial needs, or as few as 20 to have more time for outside interests or family (we’ll even prorate your benefits to fit your schedule).
  • Doctors can make specific schedule requests, and we do our best to honor them. Prefer to work 30 hours weekly with Wednesdays off and an early shift on Mondays? We’ll do everything we can to make it happen.
  • Doctors can request shift changes on an as-needed basis; approvals are dependent on patient needs and colleague availability.

Can veterinarians pick up shifts at other SCVG clinics?

Not only do doctors have the option to pick up “relief shifts” at other clinics, but we also make it in your best interest. When you cover for another doctor, at any hospital, you’re paid for the shift and any production from this shift is also paid, increasing the amount of your bonus.

Training, Mentoring & Education

What kind of training opportunities does SCVG offer veterinarians?

At SCVG, training is a priority! Many of our doctors spend their careers at one (or more) of our hospitals, so it benefits everyone when we help you continually improve:

  • We provide additional onsite training for skills such as ultrasound and surgery (both dental and soft tissue).
  • We go the extra mile to find outside classes for doctors who show interest in a certain skill to foster your passion and increase your clinical skills.
  • We facilitate collaboration with in-house specialists who can offer guidance on case management. Group doctors also receive access to our network of board-certified experts—from radiologists, ophthalmologists, and internists to surgeons and criticalists—who are available for email or phone consultations.

How does SCVG help veterinarians meet CE (continuing education) requirements?

Accruing CE hours is necessary, but it can also be stressful. So, we help doctors meet requirements with minimum stress and maximum effect by providing:

  • Annual CE exclusively for SCVG doctors, including lectures and specific wet labs (hands-on sessions) requested by vets (participants receive three to five credits).
  • Monthly SCVG-exclusive CE lectures delivered by a dedicated team of specialists
  • Biannual hands-on wet labs covering a variety of predetermined topics (participants may receive varying number of credits).
  • Three days of paid time annually to attend CE sessions.
  • A generous CE stipend that increases every year you’re with SCVG.
  • Access to additional CE materials via our proprietary online educational library, such as journal articles and past lectures given by specialists.

How else does SCVG help vets stay on the cutting edge of veterinary medicine?

We’re committed to helping doctors keep current with the latest innovations and research. We offer:

  • Access to our proprietary online educational library, a curated collection of journal articles, previous CE content, PowerPoint presentations, and other relevant materials.
  • Onsite presentations by pharmaceutical companies educating doctors on new medications.
  • One-on-one quarterly reviews familiarizing each doctor with new medications, equipment, and technology.
  • Doctor sponsorship to attend conferences, aimed at bringing back new ideas and innovations.
  • Expert-led CE sessions addressing new developments within their specialties.

*Salary average is based on a full-time workweek and is prorated for part-time employment.